About GrandVision

GrandVision is the global leader in optical retail and is committed to deliver high quality and affordable eye care to more and more people around the world. GrandVision operates over 5,800 stores with a staff of over 25,700 (FTE) and more than 150 million store visits per year. Present in 43 countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia, the Company operates the world’s largest optical retail network and provides the widest access to expert optical services and products. These products include prescription glasses, contact lenses and care products, and sunglasses − both plain and with prescription lenses. They are offered under 33 well-known local retail banners which in some cases look back at a heritage of over 100 years. The GrandVision retail banners which are often market leaders in their respective countries include Apollo-Optik in Germany, Pearle in the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, Eye Wish Opticiens in the Netherlands, Générale d’Optique and GrandOptical in France, Vision Express and Lenstore.co.uk in the United Kingdom and Ópticas Lux and Masvisión in Mexico.

At the heart of GrandVision are professional, highly qualified and dedicated optical experts. Next to the best product advice to customers they offer specialized services including state-of-the-art eye testing, examinations and diagnostics. At GrandVision, these experts prove every day that in eye care, we care more.

GrandVision is committed to extend its global presence further and to make the benefits of high quality and affordable eye care available to more and more people around the world. With a global leading role in eye care also comes responsibility. GrandVision recognizes its responsibility to develop the business and provide eye care services and products in the most sustainable and ethical way.

At the same time, GrandVision is always mindful of the interests of its customers, business partners, suppliers, the communities in which it operates and its shareholders. That is the GrandVision way.

Eye care, we care more

“Every day more than 500,000 people, looking for high quality and affordable eye care, visit the stores of GrandVision around the world. In more than 5,800 stores GrandVision sold over 12 million pairs of prescription glasses and more than 5 million pairs of sunglasses during 2014.”