Customer-Centric Business Model

GrandVision operates in the optical retail market. This is a sector which is fairly resilient to macroeconomic trends as eye care is of prime importance to many people around the world and is characterized by steady repurchase cycles. GrandVision primarily targets the mass-market customer segment and has the vision to provide high quality and affordable eye care to more and more people around the world. The size of GrandVision’s store network and its geographical reach enable it to provide close customer proximity, identify new trends early and respond to them quickly. This chapter describes GrandVision’s customer-centric business model and the business environment in which GrandVision operates.

GrandVision’s differentiating customer-centric approach has a primary focus on the large and fast growing mass-market customer segment. It offers a value-for-money proposition featuring transparency and simplicity. GrandVision offers high quality eye care products at affordable prices, complemented by sophisticated optical services and comprehensive after-sales customer care.

This customer-centric approach is characterized by a number of key elements which are empowered by competitive advantages, made possible by GrandVision’s size and global reach. These include the benefits of a “retail-only” model which provides full flexibility in its assortment. It also allows for a wide and fully customer-oriented assortment of products and brands, ranging from high quality and affordable exclusive in-house brands to well-known third-party brands. Furthermore, without the constraints of an own production base GrandVision can quickly and flexibly introduce the latest technology in products to its customers.

The size and global reach of GrandVision also leads to procurement advantages in terms of product range and quality as well as purchase prices, allowing GrandVision to offer a more competitive range of products to customers at more competitive retail prices.

GrandVision’s distribution and marketing power enables strong and effective communications and facilitates customer recognition of GrandVision’s value-for-money propositions. This creates and strengthens customer loyalty in its target markets.