9. Contingencies

The Company is liable, as intended in Article 403, Book 2, of the Dutch Civil Code for:

List of subsidiaries

Brilmij Groep B.V.

GrandVision Italy B.V.

Central Vision II B.V.

GrandVision Portugal B.V.

GrandVision N.V.

GrandVision Retail Holding B.V.

GrandVision Baltics B.V.

GrandVision Supply Chain B.V.

GrandVision Benelux B.V.

GrandVision Turkey B.V.

GrandVision Finance B.V.

HAL Investments Asia B.V.

GrandVision Group Holding B.V.

Optical Retail Group B.V.

GrandVision India B.V.

The Vision Factory B.V.

GrandVision IT Services B.V.

Vision Express Middle East B.V.

The Company forms an income tax group with GrandVision Group Holding BV, Central Vision II BV, GrandVision IT Services BV, GrandVision Supply Chain BV, GrandVision Finance BV, GrandVision Turkey BV, HAL Investments Asia BV, Pearle Opticians Ireland Ltd, GrandVision Retail Holding BV, GrandVision Latam BV, GrandVision Brazil BV, GrandVision Chile BV, GrandVision Argentina & Uruguay BV, GrandVision Colombia BV, GrandVision Peru BV, GrandVision Mexico BV, GrandVision Middle East & Asia BV, GrandVision India BV, Vision Express Middle East BV, GrandVision Italy BV, GrandVision Portugal BV, GrandVision Finland BV, GrandVision Central Europe BV, GrandVision Northern Europe BV, Pearle Scandinavia BV, GrandVision Benelux BV, The Vision Factory BV, Brilmij Groep BV, Optical Retail Group BV, Optical Service Group BV, and Hinke Optiek BV, HAL Investments Nederland BV and several HAL group entities. Under the standard conditions, the members of the tax group are liable for any taxes payable by the income tax group.

In January 2015 the Company filed a request for the Dutch GrandVision entities to leave the fiscal unity with HAL Investments Nederland BV as of 31 January 2015. Subsequently, the Company filed a request to (re-)establish a single Dutch fiscal unity comprising all Dutch GrandVision entities (except for GV Baltics BV).

For bank guarantee facilities refer to note 24 of the consolidated financial statements.

Schiphol, 17 March 2015

Management Board

Th. A. Kiesselbach, CEO
P.J. de Castro Fernandes, CFO

Supervisory Board

C.J. van der Graaf (Chairman)
M.F. Groot (Vice-Chairman)
P. Bolliger  
J.A. Cole  
W. Eelman