Result for the Period

For the reasons outlined above, the result for the period increased by 12.0% to €175 million, compared with €156 million in 2013. Net result attributable to equity holders increased by 13.9% to €161 million in 2014 from €141 million in 2013. Earnings per share (basic and diluted) increased 13.9% to €12.86 in 2014 from €11.29 in 2013. Shortly before the listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange of 6 February 2015, the company issued new shares bringing the total outstanding number of shares at that moment to 254,443,840. Based on this, the 2014 pro forma earnings per share amounted to €0.64 per issued and outstanding share (2013: €0.56). The Company proposes not to pay a dividend over the 2014 results.